6 Ways to Tap Into The Best You


Meditate.  Take quiet time and align your chakras.  Meditate for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or even 45 minutes, however long you need to tap into the best you.

Embrace Change.  Let’s face it! No one likes change and it can be hard to adapt too, but we also have to realize that we are in a constant changing world whether it’s economics, technology, government, etc., things are always changing and the sooner we embrace the change the better.  Although we may not agree with it, look for the good in it, change brings character and embraces growth.

Accept every challenge.  Every day there’s a challenge that we all face.  If we accept the challenges that are thrown our way, that’s a challenge that you’ve conquered and now know how to handle.  Everyday, I challenge myself to something new, I consider myself a lifelong learner, if I’m not challenging myself than I’m not learning something new or improving my knowledge.


Get to Know the Real You.  A quote I recently found and now live by is, “It’s better to appear STRANGE to others than to be a STRANGER to yourself.” Get to know yourself, what you want in life and what you like and what you dislike.  The better you know yourself, the better you are prepared and able to do things and be happy! Don’t live your life for others, but for yourself.  Make it a priority and be 100% real with yourself.

Self Reflect.  A fundamental way in becoming a better you is to self reflect and to do so often.  Think of ways to improve yourself – personally, physically, financially, socially, professional and most importantly spiritually.  How can you be better and how can you improve?

Love Yourself. Take care of yourself.  Although it sounds selfish, understand if you put yourself first, you’ll feel better because you’re loving yourself and tapping into the best you.  Besides, nobody is going to love you the way you love you.  You also can’t love anyone else until you are happy with who you are as a person.


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