Financial Goals for 2018


Let me guess, every year, you set a goal to save a set amount of money in the upcoming year, but never actually follow through with it? Well guess what sis? or bro? I am the EXACT SAME WAY! I always say, I want to save money for this or that, but I actually have a goal.  Move back to Los Angeles, April 2019 at the latest, however, before I move back I want to have the deposit and at least two months worth of rent saved up first.  The minimum for an apartment in Los Angeles is about $1,200.  The deposit for apartments in LA are usually however much the rent is going to be, so I’ll need $1,200 for deposit and two months worth of $1,200, which is $3,600, but let’s be realistic, by the time 2019 roll around, the minimum for an apartment in LA will probably be at $1,600, so I’ll need a minimum of $5,000 before I move back in my bank account just to go towards deposit and rent for an apartment.  I found a “Save $5,000 in a Year” template and wanted to share with you all.  Let’s work on this $5,000 in a year goal and catch back up with each other half way through to see our progress and if we’ve actually stuck to it. So, let’s check up on each other in June, okay?


Jas ❤


    1. It definitely is intense, especially once you get to the higher ranges! I think that’s why I liked it so much, it’ll truly challenge me to save said amounts each week! Look forward to going on this financial journey with you! ❤️

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