A-Z Survey

Age – Twenty-four, a couple of more months and I’ll be twenty-five. I’ll probably cry, a lot.

Biggest Fear – LOL, this is SO weird and the likelihood of it happening is slim to none, however being stuck in an all white room and no way to escape.

Current Time – 10:17pm

Drink You Had Last – Happy Me Tea

Easiest Person to Talk to – My mom

Favorite Song – Musiq Soulchild – So Beautiful

Grossest Memory – Idk, I can’t think of any right now

Hometown – Memphis, TN

In Love With – God

Jealous Of – Idk, I’m not really a jealous person

Kindest Person I Know – Definitely my parents

Longest Relationship – “Officially” – 3 months, “Unofficially” – 2 years

Middle Name – Charisse

Number of Siblings – Two older brothers, one sister-in-law

One Wish – To be back in California

Person You Spoke to on the Phone Last – A guy from Academy Outdoor + Sports

Last Song You Sang – Blaq Tuxedo – Next

Time You Woke Up – 5:00am

Undiscovered Talent – I can draw or do anything creative, really.

Vacation Dreams – Right now, I really want to go to NY or Hawaii .. overseas, Barcelona, Spain is first on my list of places to go

Worst Habit – Stressing over things that probably won’t matter in 5 months

X-Rays You’ve Had – Hm..when I got into my car wreck 2 years ago of my body to see if anything was damaged

Your Favorite Food – An omelet

Zodiac Sign – Pisces

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