Beauty Product of the Week

beauty product 2

I remember when I was younger and just starting out wearing make-up, I always told myself that there were two things I’d never, draw on my eyebrows or wear fake lashes. HA! The older I got and the better I got with my make-up, I began to not draw, but fill-in my eyebrows and let me tell y’all something, my eyebrows are all I got and the best thing I got going when it comes to my make-up.  I always say, when I die, y’all please use my hands to bless my eyebrows one last time before I got 6 ft. under lol.  After I began with my eyebrows, I then said, okay so I’ll do the eyebrows, but I definitely will not wear fake lashes.  Well, surprise, surprise … guess who will wear fake lashes now? I don’t wear them often, I probably wear them once a year and only when I feel like being extra and being super cute for the day.  The only lashes, I’ve worn have been e.l.f. flirtatious lux lash and I love them.  They are not too dramatic and don’t look fake at all.  I love them and would recommend them especially since they are only $4.

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