2018 Goals

Around this time every year, everyone bring out the pens, pencils, and paper to begin writing down their goals for the following year.  This year, I sat down and thoroughly thought about all of the things that I plan to accomplish next year.  I wrote everything down and came up with about 100 things but then I narrowed the list down to everything that I absolutely can and want to accomplish by the end of 2018.  Everything else, can be pushed to the year of 2019.  What are you goals for 2018?

2018 goals

Update: So, I wrote this about 2 months ago and it’s just been sitting in my drafts waiting to be published, so a couple of things have been accomplished and/or changed.  Switch to MBA Program, I have decided to either stick to my current program, Organizational Leadership or if I do plan on switching, it would be to a Human Resources program (I’m strongly thinking about doing USC MSHRM program).  I have already landed a full-time job in recruitment/talent acquisition.  Finding a Summer Internship in LA, NYC, HTX or MIA was a goal of mine before I moved to Nashville and got a job and could potentially still be a goal of mine, especially with an upcoming interview for a Summer Analyst, Human Resources Business Management position in NYC, just don’t know what to do about that.  Everything else still remains the same.


-Jas ❤

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