From December, 2017

Financial Goals for 2018

Let me guess, every year, you set a goal to save a set amount of money in the upcoming year, but never actually follow through with it? Well guess what sis? or bro? I am the EXACT SAME WAY! I always say, I want to save money for this or that, but I actually have a goal.  Move back to Los Angeles, April 2019 at the latest, however, before I move back I want to have the deposit and at least two months worth of rent saved up first.  The minimum for an apartment in Los Angeles is about $1,200.…

Netflix Series You Must Watch

This week’s show of the week is She’s Gotta Have It.  It’s basically a remake of the She’s Gotta Have It move from 1986.  The movie is about Nola, who can’t decide what man she wants to date between three guys, Greer,  a rich, handsome narcissit, Jamie, a stable overprotective alpha male, and Mars, a timid geek with a heart of gold.  Both the movie and TV Show are produced and written by Spike Lee.  She’s Gotta Have It series is now being played on Netflix! If you haven’t already started watching the show, I highly recommend watching the movie to get a backstory of…

Top 10 Songs of the Week #JasTunes

Big Sean x So Good Star Cast x Imagination Miguel x Pineapple Skies N.E.R.D. x Lemon Big Sean x In Tune Jazmine Sullivan x Insecure Quality Control x Um Yea Leikeli47 x Money Threexvi x Aspirations A$AP Ferg x Plain Jane Remix

Beauty Product of the Week

  The new trend out is Wild Growth Hair Oil.  I am in a Natural Hair Group Me and for the longest everyone in the group was talking about this hair growth oil.  It took me a while to finally buy it, but when I did, let me tell you something, IT REALLY WORKED.  I have a weak spot in the back of my head, where my hair decides to break off every two years for whatever reason and this time around, it decided that it didn’t want to grow back that was until I bought this gem. The directions…

A-Z Survey

Age – Twenty-four, a couple of more months and I’ll be twenty-five. I’ll probably cry, a lot. Biggest Fear – LOL, this is SO weird and the likelihood of it happening is slim to none, however being stuck in an all white room and no way to escape. Current Time – 10:17pm Drink You Had Last – Happy Me Tea Easiest Person to Talk to – My mom Favorite Song – Musiq Soulchild – So Beautiful Grossest Memory – Idk, I can’t think of any right now Hometown – Memphis, TN In Love With – God Jealous Of – Idk, I’m not really a jealous person Kindest Person…

Beauty Product of the Week

I remember when I was younger and just starting out wearing make-up, I always told myself that there were two things I’d never, draw on my eyebrows or wear fake lashes. HA! The older I got and the better I got with my make-up, I began to not draw, but fill-in my eyebrows and let me tell y’all something, my eyebrows are all I got and the best thing I got going when it comes to my make-up.  I always say, when I die, y’all please use my hands to bless my eyebrows one last time before I got 6…

Top 10 Songs of the Week #JasTunes

H.E.R. x Pigment Xavier Omar x Running Round Blaq Tuxedo x Committed Miguel x Pineapple Skies 6LACK x First Fuck Brent Faiyaz x Insecure dvsn x Think About Me Maxine Aashley x Glory Box Ro James x GA$ Chris Brown x Lost and Found

Christmas Gift Ideas: Couple Edition

If you’re anything like me, than you have never had to get a guy a gift for, well a birthday or Christmas because you either have never ever had a man in your life around the holiday’s or you always get dumped a couple of days, weeks or months before the holiday’s. However, I have decided to help you all out (even though I need help myself 😦 ).  Above, I have included pictures for couple gift ideas for Christmas.