Update on My Life


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Here lately, I’ve been doing a check up on my life after college.  I did a “What My Life is Like A Year after College Graduation?” and a “What My Life is Like 2 Years After College Graduation?” But now, I just want to give an update as to What My Life is Like, point blank period. LOL.

What’s New?

So, as you all know I had relocated from LA to Owensboro, KY.  I was a Hall Director at one school and  a graduate assistant at another school that was an hour away and three days out of the week I was commuting for an hour back and forth.  I quickly realized that I wasn’t happy with my job as a Hall Director nor was I happy with a daily commute.  When I say my happiness is SO important to me when it comes to a job, I mean it and because I wasn’t happy, my search for a new job in a new location began.  I put in thousands and thousands of application in Memphis, Nashville and Bowling Green, however the only location to consistently call me about jobs was Nashville. So, here I am newly relocated in my new city of Nashville, TN.


I am back in the Talent Acquisition industry.  Working as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator with Aramark.  My plan is to stick with them for at least the next year and hopefully a promotion to a Talent Acquisition Specialist is looking bright or a transfer to the human resources department is looking bright.  Either or would work for me.  However, I eventually want to transfer to the Aramark in Burbank, CA to get back out to LA.


I live in Lebanon, TN which is about 45 minutes away from Nashville.  The area is extremely nice and quiet and I love it.  My rent is also pretty nice compared to if I were to actually live in Nashville.  All the 1 bedrooms and even studios were at minimum of $1,000 and baby who about to spend that much money on an apartment? Not I.


Well… you guys.  I am still in debt.  Probably in more debt than what I was before.  I got a text message from my mom a couple of next ago asking me WTF was I doing that I hadn’t paid one of my credit card bills.  I had nothing to say but girl, I don’t have the money right now. We are just going to pray on this now and hope that I get that money soon to pay off these bills.


It’s pretty boring AF.  I don’t do anything but go to work and to the gym and sleep.  LOL, but I am not complaining.  The only time I really have something to do is when I go to Bowling Green with my line sisters.  Hopefully I’ll get some friends soon and can get a social life.


This Month’s Goals:

– Workout twice a day (So far, I have gotten back into the groove of working out everyday, once a day)

– Lose 5 lbs by the end of the month

– Consistently blog and come up with content for the rest of the year

– Begin vlogging

– Enter into Nashville Fashion Week Modeling Contest

Overall, life is life and I still feel as though I haven’t found my purpose.  Waking up everyday and going to a desk job does not sound appealing to me at all and I struggle to wake up everyday and have motivation to really do anything at all.  I am more of a creative person.  I just want to wake up whenever I want to and go to a photo session take some photos, go to the gym, go shop a little bit, brunch or tea with some friends and go home and paint some portraits, vlog some videos and style some celebrities. LOL, like I legitimately think those are my life goals.  Getting paid to be pretty, take pictures and do videos.  Getting paid for my creative arts.

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