Social Media Addict

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Why am I posting this?

Is it to impress you or myself?

What if I don’t break 100 likes?

Am I ugly?

Why do y’all delete pictures?

And then repost it at a different time like I didn’t see it 2 hours ago when it only generated 10 likes?

Do the amount of followers matter?

Why follow to unfollow?

Numbers matter that much to you?

Why are you buying followers?

Am I pretty? Am I interesting?

She’s an Instgram model?

Why can’t I be perfect like her?

Do she really live like that? Or do she close the app and go to sleep on her twin size air mattress while eating ramen noodles and shrimp – sort of like a Hood Red Lobsters?

You follow me and see me in person, but you don’t speak? For Why?

If you put it on Insta Story did you really enjoy it? If you didn’t, did you really do it?

Do y’all even care?

Why do I even care?

“Instagram is the worst social media network for mental health and well-being.”


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