Self-care is care provided, “for you, by you.”

Identify your own needs and take steps to meet them.  Sometimes we can get so lost in taking care of others that we forget to do it for ourselves.  We also need to realize that self-care is NOT a selfish act, but instead a key to living a balanced life.

20 Ways to Practice Self-Care:

  1. Read a new book
  2. Take a walk
  3. write
  4. Do Yoga or Meditate
  5. Doodle or color in a coloring book
  6. Listen to your favorite podcast
  7. Lay in the sun
  8. Pray
  9. Watch the stars at night
  10. Stretch
  11. Breathe in the fresh air around you
  12. Smell fresh flowers
  13. Learn a new skill
  14. Turn off your phone
  15. Light a candle
  16. Do a DIY project
  17. Declutter
  18. Watch less TV
  19. Eat clean
  20. Stop comparing yourself to others


Jas ❤

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