Dance to Your Own Rhythm | Life Taps at Your Toes

That podcast? Launch it.

That blog? Start it.

That book? Write it.

That idea? Flesh it out.

That app? Develop it.

That gift? Put it to use.


 I think a lot of times, we as human beings, tend to get discourage when we feel like we aren’t where we’re supposed to be in life.  At 13, I thought for sure I’d be a model somewhere.  I found an old blog of mine and at 17, I thought I would have moved to Los Angeles, Miami, or New York and graduated with a fashion degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Miami International University or Fashion Institute of Technology with at least two boutiques opened right now, one in Los Angeles and one in Miami.  At 24, I got the degree in fashion, but it was from none of those schools and I don’t have two boutiques open, I don’t even have one nor am I a model.  However, after reading upon a couple of people and seeing that they got their start to fame or achievement of their goals at a late age, makes me feel better.  As long as I don’t feel like I am pressured to start my career as a model or a store owner right now, things will start to fall in place, as long as I put in the work in order to do those things that I want.  I’ve been blogging since 2010, 7 years later, I am on my third blog, but this one has had the most attention of them all and I plan on continuing to blog until I am the next Necole Betchie or Essence Mag.  Just remember to always dance at your own rhythm.  Don’t try to match anyone else’s rhythm or feel like you’re on a ticking time clock in order to achieve your goals because you’ll put too much pressure on yourself and eventually end of failing to do whatever it is that you have your mindset to do.


Jas ❤

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