Man Crush Monday

This week’s Man Crush Monday is none other than Chance the Rapper.  I personally fell in love with him October of last year.  One of my line sisters came out to Los Angeles to visit me and we had tickets to a concert that he was going to be at.  I wanted to make sure that I knew some of his songs when he came out on day, but I didn’t only listen to The Coloring Book, I listed to Acid Rap, and #10Day.  I also began looking him up and into his life and I just fell in love with the person that he was.

He was so attractive to me in all aspects.  Chance just seems like a genuinely nice person with a good heart and as if he has a lot of charisma.  Like as soon as he walks into the room, he just steals the spotlight from everyone.  Chance is very vocal about his belief in God and the rights of the community.  I mean this guy has donated a million days to the Chicago Public Schools! Who wouldn’t love this guy?


Jas ❤

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