New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

This past weekend I went to New Orleans with a couple of my line sisters and one of the places we went to was the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum.  One of the questions that one of my line sisters asked was if we could do Voodoo would we.  Everyone said no, except for me.  I guess I am just weird and am intrigued by things like this. How Voodoo works, where it started, etc.  Below are a couple of pictures from the museum.


Voodoo Dolls


The Main Altar – frequently used in rituals and changed around to invoke and propitiate different spirits.


I do not remember the name of this piece, however it did frighten me quite a bit because it looked as if the guy in the front with the pearls was looking directly at me.



This was actually a pretty cool museum.  It was shorter and smaller than what I thought it was going to be but it was cool.  After the museum, we thought about going to get a Tarot Card reading, but once we got to a place, we all chicken’d out. LOL


Jas ❤

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