Ladies, would you date someone shorter than you?

If you’re anything like me than you’re about 5’9 and up and have trouble finding guys who are taller than you.  Most of the guys that you talk to, are either the exact same height as you or a tanch bit taller than you.  I think I have probably only talked to two guys who were significantly taller than me, even when I put heels on (although, it doesn’t bother me to be taller than my man with heels, long as I’m shorter when I take them off).

There was a tweet going around on twitter and it said “Could y’all date someone shorter than you?” with a picture of a woman who is significantly taller than her man and someone quote tweeted it and said, “you think ima deny the possibility of love with a man just because his only flaw is being shorter than me? Cuz that’s exactly what ima do.” And let’s be real, that’s exactly what the hell I’m a do.

I was recently talking, hold on pause, I was recently entertaining someone who I knew for a fact is shorter than.  I knew we would never be in a relationship, but I was bored and wasn’t texting anyone at the time so I decided to entertain it.  We don’t follow each other on Twitter, but I somehow stumbled across his page and he uploaded a picture of his hand holding a CD and OH LAWD, I’m petty and probably got a ticket to hell, but his fingers were SO FREAKING LITTLE dude.  Like, they were like numbs, my fingers are longer than his.  What kind of pleasure can this mind give me with his little hands, like WHAT? Dude it was at that moment (besides the fact that he was starting to catch feelings for me) that I just couldn’t entertain him no more.

I basically said all that to say that if you are not at least 6’0, I may even go for 5’11, don’t even try to talk to me my guy.  You are short and a little ass nigga in my eyes and can’t really do anything for me at all.  We will never get that far in a “talking” stage because I will never view you that way.  I’m a tall ass girl and short guys are pretty much a turn off.  I don’t care how fine you are, how bomb your personality is, or what you can bring to the table, I can’t do it, I can’t do it, I can’t do it.

I also saw a girl say, that she’s 6’3 and her ex was 5’5 and she posted a picture.  LISTEN, AIN’T NO WAY IN THE FUCK.  I would ever.  NO WAY.  My 5’9 ass is not dating no one 5’10, 5’8, 5’7, 5’6, 5’5, 5’4, 5’3, 5’2, 5’1, 5’0, at this point, 5 anything, #IssaNoFromMeDawg.

A lot of people on Twitter were saying how it’s childish to deny love from someone just because they’re shorter, love is love, don’t block your blessing blah blah blah.  Looking, all I am going to say is, I will block every blessing and be single for the rest of my life if the man that is my soul mate is 5’5.

Ladies, would y’all date someone shorter than you? Or am I the only shallow person here…


  • Jas ❤

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