What My Life is Like 2 Years after College Graduation?


So, around this time 2 years ago, I was getting ready to walk across the stage and get my diploma for a degree in Fashion Merchandising.  At that time I was lost, confused, and perplexed on my life.  A year later, I was also lost, confused, and perplexed and I can honestly say, two years after graduation, I know what I want to do as far as my future career goes, but however I am still lost, confused, and perplexed on a lot of things as far as my life goes.

What’s New?

I’ve moved to California with my bestfriend/cousin.  I’m going through an early mid-life crisis and I chopped my hair off again, well not all of it, just the side and the back, so I have a tapered hair-cut.  I’ve picked up about 30lbs. (not literally, but it feels like it).  I’ve been working in Human Resources and have finally decided that, that is the career path that I would like to go down.  I am still learning that I am in charge of my happiness and no one and I mean NO ONE else can control it and that I can’t be successfully happy with someone else until I am happy with me and who I am.


Capital Group (Contracted through Solguenix) as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator.  In my role, 85% of what I do is schedule interviews for external and internal candidates and other administrative HR/Recruitment duties.  It’s not exactly where I want to be in HR, but it is a step towards where I would like to be.


I live in Glendale, CA, about 15 minutes or less from Downtown LA with my cousin.  I am looking forward to moving back to the south, where housing for a 2, 1, and studio is extremely cheaper than what it is out here.


Welp, I remember a year ago, I was talking about how I was completely debt free of college and only had one credit card and that I would only use that credit card for gas, LOL and then life happened.  So basically, I decided to go to graduate school for like a week or two at LSU and now I have college debt, but even then it’s still less than what a lot of people have accumulated over time.  I am in debt with that one credit card I was talking about from a year ago, I now have a best buy credit card because I wanted to be bourgeois and get a MacBook Air, I also recently applied for a Target and TJ Maxx/Marshall’s credit card and got approved, so I’m pretty sure from those two credit cards, I will be in even more debt.  I told my cousin the other day, I kind of feel bad for whoever I marry because I definitely will be coming into the marriage will a plethora of debt, but if he loves me, he will accept me flaws, debt, and all.


So, obviously living out here in California, it’s a totally different lifestyle.  I go to a lot of free things such as TV Shows and/or Award Shows, I go to a lot of different parts of LA and explore what they have to offer, Xen Lounge that’s owned by Tisha and Duane Martin, a different chill spot on Monday nights that I can’t think of the name too, and to local bars.  I really have a shopping problem, so that’s basically my lifestyle.  Anywhere that there is a mall or shopping center, that’s pretty much where I am located.


 This Month’s Goals:

-Goal to the gym twice a day, 7 days a week

-Eventually cancel my Planet Fitness membership and get a membership with the Y

-Save money, spend less

-Find a second job

-If at all possible, find a HR job that’s a 3 month contract

-Look for jobs in either Chicago, IL and/or Nashville, TN

-Figure out my plans for getting back to TN and/or Chicago

-Attend more events in LA and do more of what the city has to offer before I move


LOL, the topic plus my name is comedy in itself.  It’s crazy because I told my line sister the other day that I realized that I am not in a relationship right now because I don’t feel like answering to anyone.  Like, if I don’t want to talk to you at a given moment than I don’t want to talk to you.  I don’t want and/or need someone who will be mad at me because they haven’t heard from me in a couple of days, because I honestly will not care because I just don’t and am not at the point in my life where I would want to care.  I also don’t want to do a long distance, so it’s kind of like, I can start talking to someone out here in LA, but in 3 months I’ll be moving back to TN and/or Chicago and then we’ll be in the predicament of a long distance or I could talk to someone in TN and/or Chicago and be in a long distance for 3 months, but basically it’s just best that I don’t talk to anyone seriously at this point anyway.  I’m also only looking for something casual at this point in time anyways.  Someone who wants to go eat, hang out, chill, watch a movie, or something but nothing too serious

All in all, I am finally starting to get a hold on my life.  I was recently accepted into Loyola University Chicago and University of Louisville for their MS in Human Resources program. I’ve been looking for an on-campus program in HR for the longest so for Loyola University to pretty much fall in my lap the way it did, I am leaning more towards going there but I have to find a job in Chicago first, but then again University of Louisville which is an online program is still also an option, which if I decide to go there, I look forward to moving to Nashville.  Either way it goes, moving away from Los Angeles is the plan at this point in time in life.


Jas ❤


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