Griffith Park

Griffith Park

Does it make me an official Californian now that I go hiking every Saturday and Sunday? The first time I went, I went with my cousin and we were struggling to walk up to the top of the hill and once we got to a certain point we stopped took a couple of pictures and turned right back around and made our way back down the hill.  The following weekend, I decided to go by myself because I knew that I could go as far up as I wanted too without having to worry about someone else complaining and could leave as early as I wanted too without someone complaining.  Now when I go, I do a minimum of 3.5 miles.  I walk up the trail, run down the trail in a different direction, walk back up that direction I just ran down, walk up to the Griffith Observatory, take a break, and then run the way back down to my original start point.

I’ve been going to Griffith Park for my weekend runs for about a month or so now and I can honestly say that it is so refreshing.  I’m dead tired by Sunday night, but I always feel refreshed and accomplished every single time I make it to the top because I always consider giving up and going back down the heel and getting in my car and driving my behind back to the house.

Once, when I made it to the top of the trail, I witnessed a proposal happening which was so beautiful.  Although, I’d be slightly pissed if my future fiancé had me walking up or down a trail just to do a proposal.  You better fly me down on a helicopter and then ask me to marry you.  LOL!

At Griffith Observatory there’s always a bunch of families and tourist who are there.  The little kids are always so cute and make my ovaries over explode and want to grab the nearest guy and start making a baby!

In all seriousness, if you need to go and clear your mind, be alone for an hour or so, get a good workout in, or just go hiking to say you went hiking, Griffith Park is one of those parks that I would suggest going too.  Once you make it to a certain point, you can also see the infamous Hollywood Sign.  I eventually want to be able to run up the trail and do 5.0 miles, however the way my out of shapeness is set up, I am not quite sure if that will happen for your girl.

If you’re into photography or are a model and need a cool scenery, this is also the perfect place to take pictures.  In my picture above, you see there is a cool background.  Although you’d be hiking either down or up and through dirt, you’ll still have some awesome photos, and in my many of times of hiking, I’ve seen it happen before.



-Jas ❤

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