Non-Negotiable/Deal breakers in Relationships

I am a follower of Bundle of Brittany on Snapchat and a while back she posted a picture with a list of her non-negotiable/deal breakers in a relationship that her therapist suggested she write out and I decided to do the same.  We had a couple of the same, but I also added my own:

  • Liars
  • Disloyal
  • Doesn’t take initiative
  • Workaholic – it’s okay to take a break from work sometimes (this mainly goes for those who don’t work a traditional 8 to 5 and have those jobs that throws out extra shifts and you take them)
  • Makes more of an effort to hang out with friends than me
  • Sees no errors in their ways
  • Can’t grow with, but instead they either stay the same or don’t wan to see me grow and try to hold me back from doing so
  • Doesn’t put me in my place when I am wrong and/or doesn’t allow me to do the same for them in vice versa
  • Non-communicative when it comes to important issues at hand
  • Doesn’t believe in God
  • Inconsistency
  • Selfish in all aspects
  • Doesn’t open up (although I know it’s hard, you have to at least be willing to inch a little bit with trying to open up)
  • Lacks emotions
  • Feels entitled
  • Doesn’t want me to work and/or grow in my career (Especially if my career/experience level is higher than their career/experience level)
  • Only looking for a casual relationship (fuck you thought this was? 🙂 )

What are your non-negotiable/deal breakers in a relationship? Comment below.


-Jas ❤

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