How to Keep Your Motivation When You Feel Like Giving Up

Ever feel like everything was going all wrong at the same time? You didn’t know what to do and felt like giving up? Yeah, me too.

Being out in Los Angeles has taken a much bigger toll on me than what I lead people on to believe. Every time the first of the month rolls around, I am always stressing about whether or not I’m going to have enough money for rent and car note and even after paying for all that, whether or not I am going to have enough money to pay for gas, food, and/or extracurricular activities.  I also miss my family.  It is going on 7 months since the last time I’ve seen them and man do I miss them!!

To put the icing on the cake, for those who may or may not know, I work for Nestle headquarters. On February 1st, Nestle announced that they were moving their headquarters to Arlington, VA.  Being that I am a contractor with Nestle, my time with the company with come to an end sooner than later.  If that’s not stress than I don’t know what is, especially when I am consistently putting in applications and getting those automated e-mails that say, “Sorry, but you’re not a good fit for this role,” or just not getting any callbacks period.

With all that’s going on, I have still somehow managed to keep pushing through despite wanting to pack up my apartment and moving back home. Here’s how I’ve managed:

Realizing that nothing is perfect. Of course, after everyone graduates from college, they expect to get a job in their field and automatically make $60K plus. Although this happens for some, this is not a reality for all.  I have to realize, especially for me, someone who is changing the industry that they want to work in and didn’t go to school for that I will have to work my way up!

Identify Your Intention.  This is very important.  If you identify your intention and your goals, you are more likely to stick to them.  My intention is to find a job before May 1st, which is the said last day for the contractors in my department.  Identifying that as an intention, I will be out here putting in the work to get a new job before then.

Lose Your Ego. This is extremely hard for me. My ego says, “Bitch you supposed to be walking around some Corporate company as the boss bitch with a boss status.” Hahaha, but again, I am learning that I have to be patience and work my way up in the industry.  Start off at an entry-level before becoming an executive.

Pray – Keep Your Faith. This is VERY important too. God and I have conversation often and I know he will always have my back in every trial and tribulations that I am put through as long as I keep my faith.

Plan Ahead. On February 1st, I started putting in job applications.  I also began planning for if I don’t find a job.  What are my next steps? Am I going to move back home? Am I going to go through a temp agency and just work temp jobs? Do I need to get a part-time job while I am currently working my full-time job so that although it’s not full-time, some money is still coming in when my time here at Nestle ends?

Eliminate Distractions. I am always easily distracted. I have self-diagnosed myself with ADD and/or ADHD, lol.  (Am I crazy?) Any who, I can get easily distracted and forget that I need to be out here applying to jobs and/or coming up with options to get back home.

Appreciate Your Accomplishments.  I have to think like, moving out to California all on my own, is thus far the biggest accomplishment that I’ve made since graduating from college.  Not many people would move out somewhere so far away from family and friends.  I also appreciate the accomplishment of even landing a job with such a high-profile company.

Focus on the Endpoint. The endpoint is to ultimately be happy and satisfied in the industry and workplace that I am working. The endpoint is to achieve personal and professional happiness.  The endpoint is to know that I came out to California with a purpose, to live and figure out what it is in life that I want to do.  The endpoint is to know that I’ve made my parents proud.

Stay on Schedule. Don’t get behind. If I were to get off schedule, before I know it May will be here and I still won’t have a new job in hand.

Ask yourself how you’ll feel if you allow yourself to give up.


Jas ❤


  1. You forgot to say you love your biffle and you miss me very much!!! I’m proud of you best friend. You got this keep the faith and remain humble! ❤❤


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