21 Things to Stop Doing in 2017

While going through my Twitter feed, I found a post of “21 Things to Stop Doing in 2017,” by spiritual leader, Carlyle F. Stewart, III.  He gives out a list of things, along with a bible verse to refer to when you need guidance for each other.

1. Stop Spending Time With the Wrong People

Proverbs 1:8-19, Proverbs 17

2.  Stop Running From Your Problems

Genesis 27:41

3.  Stop Lying to Yourself

Ephesians 4:25, II Kings 8:13

4.  Stop Trying to be Someone You Are Not

Matthew 23:1-12

5.  Stop Trying to Go Back to the Past

Exodus 14:5-14, Hebrews 10:35

6.  Stop Being Scared to Make a Mistake

Matthew 7:3-5, Romans 3:23

7.  Stop Berating Yourself for Your Mistakes

Philippians 4:3, Romans 3:23

8.  Stop Trying to Buy Happiness

Matthew 19:16-30, Luke 16:13-15

9.  Stop Exclusively Looking to Others for Happiness

I Samuel 1:6

10.  Stop Thinking You Are Not Capable or Ready (Build up your self-confidence and God confidence)

Hebrews 10:35-39, II Timothy 2:1-26

11.  Stop Getting Involved in Relationships for the Wrong Reason

II Samuel 11-12

12.  Stop Rejecting New Relationships Because the Old Ones Did Not Work

13.  Stop Being Jealous of Others

Genesis 4:4, Genesis 27:41, Genesis 29:1-35, I Samuel 21, Acts 5:17

14.  Stop Complaining and Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Philppians 2:14, Matthew 20:11, Exodus 15:24

15.  Stop Holding Grudges

Genesis 27:41, Gensis 31:36, Gensis 50:15, Esther 3:5, 5:9

16.  Stop Letting Others Bring You Down to Their Level

I Kings 16:28-22:40 (Ahab and Jezebel)

17.  Stop Proving Yourself to Others (Especially those who will never approve you.)

18.  Stop Always Trying to Make Things Perfect

Matthew 19:21

19.  Stop Following the Path of Least Resistance

Joshua 7:1-26, 22:20

20.  Stop Always Thinking the Worst Before You Think the Best of Others (Avoid Horns and Halo approaches to people.  We put horns on people we do not like and never see the good they do.  We put halos on the people we like and never see the wrong they do.  Both are errors in fleshly judgment and do more harm and create more injustices in the long run.)

I Kings 22:1-28

21.  Stop Holding Back on God and the Church When You Don’t Like Something or Someone in the Church

Acts 5:1-16



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