Sliding in the DMs

Sliding in the DMs

When is it okay to slide in someone’s DMs? How often do you slide in their DMs after you get no response the first time? How do you approach the DMs?

At the beginning of 2016, it was proclaimed that this year would be #ShootYourShot2k16.  What that means is, whether you’re male or female, and you see someone you’re interested in on social media, you’d slide into their DMs and shoot your best shot.  But sometimes you don’t when to slide in their DMs or even how often to slide in their DMs.

For me, I think after a couple of conversations on different occasions on Twitter, its okay to slide in the DMs.  Because at this point, you’ve sent out the bait and caught your prey.  Now, I also feel like you have to be careful though.  Sometimes, people are just very social and do a lot of talking on social media and like to engage in conversation.  They could have a significant other that you have no idea about because either their significant other doesn’t have social media, they are very private when it comes to their personal life and don’t post a lot on them, or they’re just plain sneaky and don’t post information about their significant other.

How often do you slide in their DMs is also a big issue for me.  I’ve honestly had a guy to slide in my DMs at least 3 times after I didn’t reply back to him.  I think that’s a bit extreme.  Especially if you’re consistently sliding and I’m not replying back and not only am I not replying back, but I’m also posting on different social media platforms, which means more than likely I saw your DM.  I’m also big on pride, so after the first try and I don’t get a response out of that person, I’m pretty much over it and don’t care to try to slide in the DMs again.

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes you don’t know if the person whose DMs you’re sliding in is even in a relationship because as my motto has always been, “Just because pictures aren’t being posted doesn’t mean someone isn’t in the picture.”  To approach the DMs, you have to be respectful.  So for me, if Michael B.  Jordan wasn’t famous and I wanted to slide in his DMs I would say something kind of like:

“Hey Michael, I don’t know if you are in a relationship with someone, as I don’t want to be disrespectful in any type of way, but I think you are incredibly handsome and wouldn’t mind getting to know you better.”

You’ve pretty much covered the basis.  You threw in there about his girlfriend, if he has one.  You told him that you think he’s handsome and ultimately you threw in there your whole purpose of even sending him a DM, which is you wanting to get to know him better.

Now whether or not he replies back and how he replies back and how you want to take that is totally up to you.  Just be mindful that nine times out of ten, if they don’t reply back it’s because they aren’t interested and don’t know how to tell you or they have a significant other and just don’t want to reply back to you and have to deal with their significant other being all mad and jealous.  I do say that there is a limit on how many times you send a DM, because I promise you after a second or third time, I’m either blocking you or going off on you in my DMs.



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