2017 Goals

  1. Go from lipglossandchampagne.wordpress.com to www.perilouswoman.com
  2. Start vlogging
  3. Launch an internship program for blog (social media and blog interns) (unpaid, college credit)
  4. Get into photography – Already have a camera, buy a tripod and camera lens)
  5. Get into fashion styling – personal styling and/or celebrity styling
  6. Create an annual mentorship event/program for black girls, teens, and women
  7. Reach out to different possible sponsors
  8. Reach out to different possible spokesmen
  9. Create shirts/hats for Perilous Woman
  10. Logo on the front of shirt and definition on a perilous woman on the back of shirt
  11. Finish paying car note off
  12. Pay off credit card bill
  13. Get passport and plan a trip out of the country – Dubai, Spain, and/or Paris
  14. Get SHRM and/or HR Certified
  15. Intern for a top company in LA for HR – Disney, Sony Pictures, HBO, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, etc.
  16. Obtain a MacBook
  17. Become a better graphic designer
  18. Become a brand ambassador for a hair company
  19. Meet zaddy (Michael B. Jordan)
  20. Get FIT and start to eat better
  21. Get a college counselor certification
  22. Sign up for a dance class, more specifically Janelle Ginestra and Wildabest class
  23. Become a model

What are your goals for 2017? For me, 2017 is all about personal and professional development and growth.  2016, was an okay year, but I want and need 2017 to be even better in all shapes and form.




Author: jasminechockaday

spontaneous introverted goofball with a love for writing

5 thoughts on “2017 Goals”

  1. Please start vlogging! I’m getting ready to upload my first vlog this weekend so you have an automatic YouTube subscriber right here! 😊


      1. It’s Her Vs. World, same as on here. I’m uploading my first vlog hopefully tonight or tomorrow


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