That One Time I Worked at Amazon for a Day

Since moving to California, I’ve had 4 jobs so far.  My most recent one was working at Amazon.  I applied to the job because I was originally looking for PT, overnight, 9p-1:45a or 11p-3:45a to bring in a little extra cash.  I was working my second job in LA as a Recruiter and I realized how much I hated working there.  During my time at that job, I ended up interviewing for a new job that was near my house and getting it(although I didn’t get it until after I quit this job as a Recruiter), but I wouldn’t be starting for another week and I was like I hate working here but I can’t stop working because I need money to be consistently coming in and by the grace of God, Amazon had e-mailed me to let me know that they had some FT positions available either 5a-1:30p or 5p-1:30a.  I immediately got excited and signed up for the 5a-1:30p shift because I thought it would be the perfect shift for someone like me to work.  Work all morning and then either sleep all day, network, interview for other jobs, get my life together, etc.  My first day was on a Sunday morning.  I went to sleep around 12:00a, although I laid down at 10:00p.  At 4:00a, my alarm went off and I really thought to myself, am I really about to go to Amazon and work this shift? Or do I just want to say fuck it all and wait until I start my other new job? Well after contemplating for about 10 minutes, I got my ass up and drove to my first day of work at Amazon.  Bih, I was in that thang like:


Like any other job, the first day at Amazon, was full of training, supervisor talking and going through many slides from a PowerPoint. 😦 About an hour before lunch, they sent us off to an Amazon Ambassador who decided to have us doing work in the Cooler.  They only have a select few coats for us when we do have to go into the Cooler and/or Freezer so if you didn’t already have your own jacket, you was ass’d out.  We was in that thang for an hour before lunch and about 2 hours after lunch.  I was in there like:


When I went to lunch (because we weren’t allowed to have our phone on the floor), I text my cousin and told her that I wasn’t coming back after today.  But then I sent a second text and said jk, I need money I’ll be back tomorrow.  After my shift ended, I swear I ran up out of there like:


When I got off, my cousin called and asked if I wanted to go over to someones house to go eat and wash clothes.  I was like yeah that’s fine just as long as we don’t be over there all day because a bih like me is tired. 😦 Luckily by the time we got to our destination the food was already done so I ate and instantly got the itis.  I was sleep for a good 2-3 hours.  Whenever my cousin and I got home, she asked if I was going back the next day, I was like nah I’m not going to go, but I mainly didn’t go because I had to do my i9 and take a drug test for my new job, so I was like I’m just not going to show up today, but on Wednesday (since I had Tuesday’s off) I’m a show up on they ass.  Needless to say, I never went back.

UPDATE: Because I realized I need to stack my coins up and my employment status with the company was still active and not terminated (by the grace of God), I decided to stay with the company and work PT, overnight Sa-Mo 9:30p-2:15a.  Y’all pray for your girl because Lord knows I ain’t about this warehouse life.



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  1. Lol! Jaz you have me rolling over here laughing at you! But foreal try the staffing companies that have clerical positions, maybe they will work out uh lil better for you! Love you sweetie!


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