Meaning of My Business Name

Day 2 of the Blogging Challenge is the meaning behind your business (blog) name.

According to, perilous is involving or full of grave risk or peril; hazardous; dangerous.  A woman is an adult human beings who are biologically female.

I originally wanted to name my blog, “Dangerous Woman,” but it was around the time Ariana Grande was coming out with her Dangerous Woman album and she had launched a blog entitled Dangerous Woman, however I still wanted to name my blog that had sometime to do with women having power, strength, courage, hope, confidence, etc.  That’s when I came up with Perilous.  To me perilous had more ‘umph’ to it and it would make people want to click on the link to my blog because not a lot of people know what ‘perilous’ mean.  They’d be intrigued to click the blog link to see what is even a perilous woman, what does a perilous woman do, and how can I become a perilous woman?


Jas ❤

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