The Real Show 2016

So this past Saturday, I went to the Real Show.  An annual concert that the Real 92.3 (radio station in LA) puts on.  This year, according to the flyer, Usher, Chance the Rapper, Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller, Ty Dolla $ign, Kid Ink, Desiigner, Belly, Kap G, and Kehlani were the performers of the night.  However, when we got there Kehlani didn’t perform and there were WAY more performers and surprise performers as well.  My line sister and I didn’t get to really see Kap G until he performed maybe his last song and which he didn’t sound to bad and to my surprise is Mexican-American (btw, he sounds not a lick of mexican, lol)  Next up after Kap G was Belly, he has that song Ballerina and and Might Not ft. The Weeknd.  After Belly was Desiigner :(.  Y’all I promise you this man does not rap at all.  The entire time, the song is playing in the background and he is just randomly yelling out blurbs of word every five seconds and hops on the stage the entire time.  I don’t understand how or why people would pay to see this man.

After Desiigner came Kid Ink.  When I tell y’all Kid Ink could literally past for Chris Brown, he could literally past for Chris Brown.  Only difference between the two is that Kid Ink is darker, shorter, and not as cute.  Kid Ink had blonde hair and was wearing shades like Chris Brown would and I had to do a double take, lol.  But Kid Ink did a really good job and thoroughly enjoyed his performance.

After Kid Ink was Ty Dolla $ign.  I promise y’all there is nothing like a hood nigga that can sing.*puts the praise hand/”oh my god why emoji* He can sing, tall, dreads, and hood, what more could you ask for? Plus he performed his song Zaddy that I had never heard and if anybody knows me, knows that I use the term “Zaddy” to refer to my men. 😉  Anywho, during his performance he brought out YG, Dipset (Cam’Ron and Juelz Santana), and Wiz Khalifa.  When I tell y’all the crowd got so HYPE, the crowd got HYPE man.  Wiz Khalifa was on stage and he did this little bop with his shoulder and I liked to past out, with his cute self, lol.

Next up was Tory Lanez.  I had never been so disappointed before in my life.  Tory Lanez LIP SANG his entire time on the stage, hold on I’m sorry he actually sang the words, “Do my ladies run this motherfucka” and “Do my fellas run this motherfucka.” But I swear to y’all he sounded like he was trying to sound like Michael Jackson when he sang it.  He also sang some song that nobody knew to wrap up his set and he also sounded like Michael Jackson then.

After a terrible set from Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller was up next.  It was just crazy to see how not a single person was sitting down while he was on stage.  A man from Louisville, KY can come all the way to California and have such a powerful impact, a new artist at that.  When he performed his last song, he said the most powerful thing, “All it takes is one song for you to blow up.  I was playing around on the internet with this beat and now look at me,” as the beat to “Don’t” dropped.  In the middle of his set, he did bring out Big Sean and I about lost my mind, lol.  Big Sean performed three of his songs, which one happened to be a new song.

After Bryson Tiller, came Chance the MF Rapper.  I will admit that I have only recently become a Chance fan, but that’s because I didn’t know how good this man was.  I’ve listened to Coloring Book faithfully for the past two weeks and I have analyzed and learned the lyrics probably better than half these hip hop enthusiast out here.  I was so excited that I was able to witness and see him in concert, however for whatever reason his set was cut short.  He walked towards the pit and said, “Back up, back up.” and then said, “Alright shows over” and walked off the stage.  It kind of upset me, because that’s not something I expected to come from Chance and I am currently waiting for an explanation, apology, and some way to make it up to fans because I honestly believe a lot of people traveled and came to the show just to see that man.

After Chance, was of course the headliner of the show, USHER!!! When I say that man can put on a show, that man can put on a show.  He had his dancers on dance and man they were so adorable and can dance their butts off.  But that wasn’t the best part of the show.  I’m telling y’all, Usher was performing Sex You Back to Sleep (Remix) and out of nowhere (and I honestly still can’t even tell you how he made it was onto the stage), but CHRIS MFing BROWN came up on that stage and I lost my mind.  I lost my voice because I didn’t know how to react, to think, and/or to say.  Like this meme, is the perfect explanation behind how I felt:


I truly felt like Chris Brown blessing the stage totally made up for Chance stopping his set so early.  Usher left the stage to go change while Chris performed about 3 songs and Usher came back out and they did a little quick dance competition and then Chris left.  Usher continued to perform and after he did No Limit, of course Master P and his daughter Cymphonique came out onto the stage to perform a couple of his songs and one of her songs.

Overall, the show was great and I’m glad I went.  It was probably one of the best concerts I’d been too (considering the only other concerts I’ve gone to were when B2K and B5 were still a group, haha)


-Jas ❤

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