20 Facts About Me

So, I stumbled across a 31 Day Blogging Challenge.  Day 1 was introduction, but my very first blog post was an introduction and can be found here.  Day 2 is 20 Facts About Me:

  • I was born in Colorado (I lived there for the first 3 years of my life and have never looked back)
  • I’m 5’9 .. yes, I am quite tall for a girl, tell me something else I don’t know.
  • I’m very nonchalant and stubborn


  • I have two older brothers
  • I’ve only recently started cooking
  • I hate the word “sorry.”  I rather you say “I apologize.”
  • I lose interest in things rather fast also know as having a very low attention span
  • I color coordinate my clothes
  • I don’t argue, I’m too soft-spoken and again too nonchalant to argue, anyone can out yell me and “trying” to argue with me will only make you more mad because of my nonchalant ass attitude


  • If I don’t like you, you’ll know because I won’t act as if I do like you
  • I have RBF syndrome, but I’m actually the nicest and sweetest person ever 🙂


  • If you have “beef” with me, it’ll be a one way beef because I typically don’t give a damn
  • It’s hard for me to cry
  • I either overthink a situation or don’t think about a situation, there’s no in between
  • I’m really good for saying, “Oh, I’m about 5 minutes away” when in actuality I haven’t even left my house yet


  • I self-diagnosed myself with mild-anxiety


  • I’m an open book, I won’t volunteer any information per say, but if you ask me something than ye shall receive
  • I’m a grammar Nazi
  • I’m a Pisces
  • I love white diamonds perfume (although y’all keep telling me it’s an old lady’s perfume)


-Jas ❤


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