Friends With Benefits: Pros and Cons

According to, a friends with benefits relationship is a friend with whom one has sex  without a romantic relationship or commitment and/or a friend with whom one has occasional sexual relations, without a commitment or dating arrangement.

Having a friend with benefits relationship is a way to avoid responsibility and a way to have your needs met without having to deal with a nagging boyfriend and/or girlfriend.  My sophomore year of college, I decided to engage in one.  It lasted for a good month only because I soon realized the cons of such relationship.  They’re honestly all fun and games until one of the two falls in love.


  1. You can try and experiment new things with your friend
  2. It’s a way to avoid drama.  No boyfriend or girlfriend to have to worry about
  3. Most of us girls go out of our way to impress the guy we like with make-up, hair, nails, clothes, but with our friend with benefits we don’t have to worry about it
  4. It’s all fun and sex
  5. The relationship could involved into an actual relationship


  1. Emotions can get involved and people’s feelings can get hurt
  2. Things can get messy, especially once someone does catch feelings
  3. If the two of you are truly friends, you’ll mess up the “friend” part of the relationship
  4. It could make it hard for you to meet someone new especially if the sex is great

Regardless of the pros and cons of the friend with benefits you should set boundaries with that person.  If you feel like the person you’re in a friend with benefits relationships with or yourself is catching feelings, trust me..RUN!!


-Jas ❤

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