California Living

It all started two months ago.  I went to work at 10am one morning and started my day like a regular day at work.  Came in bullshitted a couple of outbound phone calls, looked up jobs on Indeed, and scrolled through Snapchat.  Around 12pm, I received an e-mail from my boss to stop by his office when I had a chance (he was very introverted and for whatever reason seemed to prefer to communicate via e-mail and/or text when he’s trying to hire you back as opposed to a phone call, but I digress).  I realized he had only sent the e-mail to me and my heart immediately started pounding, like I know this man ain’t about to do what I think he is.  I took an extra 30 minutes after the e-mail was sent before I went to his office to brace myself for what was about to happen.  I walked to his office and he said, “Close the door so we can have some privacy.”  That’s when he did it.  He said words that I never wanted to hear, “Bish, you are about to be broke until you find another source of income because we are cutting you off.” After he talked my ear off about God knows what because I stopped listening after he fired me, I went to my cubicle, packed my things, told the other two people I worked with about my termination, and headed home.

About a week after being fired, my cousin who already lived in California, called and asked me to move here.  I honestly wasn’t being serious when I said, “Yeah girl, I’ll move” which is why I’m still kind of shock that I’m actually here, living and breathing and shit in California.  I immediately started putting in job applications because I had one condition before moving, I needed to have a job offer presented to me before I moved out there.

Fast forward to a month later.  I packed my little Honda Civic up and began a 25 hour drive with my mom to LA.


I’ve been here for about a month now and here are some things I’ve learned about being in LA:

  • The job market, whether it’s entertainment, office job, Walmart, and/or a warehouse is very competitive
  • Unless you live in Inglewood or Compton, you’ll probably see an average of 5 people a day
  • Traffic is a BITCH! A 20 minute drive can easily turn into an hour drive
  • The minimum requirement to get your driver’s license in the state of California is a heartbeat
  • You will take more naps than before
  • Celebrities hang-out on Hollywood Blvd. with no bodyguards


  • Minimum wage out here is $10 or $10.50 if you have 25 or more people working for your company, which somebody coming from TN where minimum wage is $7.25, you think you doing something until you realize you can’t survive off of $10/hr


  • In the words of my man Smokey, “Don’t you Eva, EVA, EVA, EVA, EVA, EVA, EVA go downtown LA by yourself, even if you are just trying to go to the gym and become wintertime fine
  • This is sugar daddy central, better find you one and be on the come up
  • Everybody thinks they’re a model here just because they have a fan following and hang-out where the celebrities hang-out (humble thyself -_-)
  • Potential employers will call you at 7 or 8 at night to schedule an interview. (Like my guy, job or not, my business hours are form 8am-5pm M-F)
  • Potential employers will also sometimes expect you to come in same day they call you for an interview as well
  • There are a lot of people walking EVERYWHERE .. when all you want to do is turn left or right and there’s not traffic, you still can’t turn because you have to wait on these slow bastards to walk across the street, like knees to chest my nigga, knees to chest
  • People out here are fake, you don’t know if someone is truly your friend or just trying to use you to get to the next level in life and then dump you once they reach that level
  • There’s a beach an hour away no matter which direction you’re going, north, east, west, south, northeast, northwest, northsouth, eastsouth, eastwest, etc. (I know half of those aren’t correct so don’t come for me)
  • Sometimes the party life out here is okay

Sometimes life is hard, because you don’t know if you’ll have next months rent or money for gas, but I say YOLO .. live life to the fullest.  I currently work as an Office Assistant with Toyota and Social Media Intern with another company, but I’m putting in applications everyday and interviewing almost every other day.

As of right now, my mindset is to move back to the South after being here for a year, but it’s only been one month.  Who knows I may fall in love, get into somebodies school, or get a bomb ass job and decide to stay here for the rest of my life.


-Jas ❤


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