What My Life Is Like 1 Year After College Graduation

Around this time last year, I’d recently graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising.  After graduation,  I was lost, confused, and perplexed about life and what direction I was headed.  I literally had no job and no money and was just living life like I had no worries.  Nonetheless, this is a great time of the year because everyone is graduating whether it be from college or high school and you’re on your way to college.

What’s New

I have dropped a pant size, although most people would argue that I really didn’t need too.  My hair has gotten long enough to put into a ponytail (because Lord knows that doing two-strand twist every night is very tedious and being able to wash my hair, put some gel on the edges and slap it into a ponytail is everything).  I’ve gotten a job working in Higher Education, which is what I am going back to graduate school for.  I’m also learning everyday that I am in charge of my happiness and that life is so much better when you’re in charge of your own happiness.


National College as an Admissions Representative. (Working my way up in the Higher Education/Student Personnel industry)


I have been blessed with parents who love their daughter very much and allowed me to move back home July of 2015.  It gets frustrating and annoying sometimes because they want to know my every move, but other than that, I’m very grateful that they let me come back home after moving out literally for 4 years.


I completed college totally debt free (Shoutout to my father being in the military), but I did acquire a credit card back in December and am currently paying that off, lol.  My goal is to completely pay it off by December of this year and never swipe it again unless it’s for gas (Which is what I was originally supposed to do)


I mainly just go to work, gym, and home.  I have accumulated approximately zero friends since I’ve moved back to Memphis, lol sad right? I’m just honestly an introverted extroverted person.  I’m the true definition of a loner and being in the company of people when I want to be in the company of people.  Like if I want to call up my friend and be like hey girl let’s hang out today and if I don’t call you then I just don’t.


Last Month’s Goals:

  • Go to the gym more often (at least 3 days a week) √
  • Get out of the house more
  • Save money, spend less

This Month’s Goals:

  • Get a job in higher education at a University
  • Start to date more often
  • Save money, spend less
  • Travel often

Relationship (Love Life)

I won’t talk down on the guy, because that’s not my style, but I was recently involved with someone for the past 4.5 months, but it ended. 🙂

Basically, I’m not where I want to be in life, but I’m on a step closer.  I recently got accepted into LSU Grad Online for the Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in Higher Education Administration.  I have applied to several jobs in Higher Education that only requires a bachelor’s degree from Florida to California (I’m hoping for somewhere in Houston though).  Prayers up that I at least get a job and my journey in the Higher Education industry can flourish.  What have you accomplished so far in the year of 2016?


-Jas ❤


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