Tinder Dating App

Tinder is basically an app to meet people.  It’s kind of like Black People Meet or MatchUp, except it’s new and a lot of younger people use this app.  I’ve always been skeptical of using apps like this because I thought it was desperate people who literally could not get a date in real life or for creeps who go out looking for girls to kidnap and murder.  I got a Tinder for a couple of days for the purpose of this blog post before realizing how creepy it was and I deleted my account.

I opened the app and could not believe that I was actually doing this.  I was also mad that I had to connect my Tinder account to my Facebook because now if someone wanted to look me up, they could.  You link the Tinder with your Facebook account and your Facebook profile is automatically loaded into Tinder: your profile pictures, age, job, school, and friends.  There was also an about me section that you could edit as well.  I left that section blank for a couple of days and then I changed it to: “Is it shallow of me to swipe left if your bio says a height below 6’0″? Oh well, I’m 5’9 and I need a tall man.”

And then it started, pink circles started to grow from my picture to find nearby guys in the area.  And then I began swiping.  I thought it was oddly strange that, a guy could super like me and I would get a notification telling me and I would have to continue swiping through guys before I could figure out who it was that super liked me and then I could decide to swipe left or swipe right.

I probably matched with a good 10 guys.  I never reached out to any of the guys first, but a good 6 of them reached out to me after we matched.  The conversation generally went a long the lines of:

Him: Hey beautiful *heart eye emoji* *heart eye emoji*

Me: Hello

Him: So what are you up too?

Me: Oh nothing just trying to make it through the work day.

Him: Where do you work?

Some of the guys, I probably would never talk to in real life and there were a couple of them that I would actually give a chance to.  I ended up following about three of them on Instagram.  One of them is a really good artist and seems like he would be a great friend as opposed to a great boyfriend for me, one guy was clingy and needy already (which is my biggest turn off in a guy when they are that way SO soon, you don’t even know my last name, CHILL OUT), and the other guy well he fell off after the first couple of hours of messaging back and forth.

Needless to say, I deleted my Tinder account probably after a day and a half after creating one.  I rather find a guy the old fashioned way.  Meeting him at the mall, school, work, gym, etc.  The whole meeting a guy via any dating app is so weird to me because you never actually know who you are getting with.  He could potentially be a serial killer (that’s a bit extreme but still).

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