Reasons to Date More Than One Person at a Time

When you’re in the “talking” phase of the relationship with someone, it’s always a good idea to keep your options open and talk to other guys.  I speak from experience because if I’m talking to someone that I really like, then I’ll typically be a one man woman, but if I’m talking to someone because I’m bored and I just want to past time by, he’s probably not the only guy I will talk too.  But, whether you really like a guy or not, you shouldn’t be a one man woman, you should still keep your options open because at the end of the day, although you may really like this guy, it could all go wrong.

Dating more than one guy at a time can be a smart thing to because:

  1.  It’s fun and exciting.  You also get to venture out more.  You may do certain things with one person that another one of the guys you talk to don’t like to do.
  2. It’ll help boost your confidence.  In a way this could be a pro and con, but dating more than one guy will definitely boost your confidence.  You will feel more in control when it comes to your relationships with each different guy.  If you don’t want to talk to a guy anymore or go that far with him, you have that say so.
  3. You won’t focus all of your attention and time on one guy.  Let’s face it, when you begin to focus solely on one guy/girl, you begin to gain feeling for them and become a little possessive.  When you’re just “talking” to that one person and you fall in “like” there’s a lot of things you’ll want to do/complain about, but can’t because y’all aren’t in a relationship.  You also won’t have waste your time if he/she might not even end up the guy you end up with.
  4. It’s a way to find out what you’re looking for.  You’ll avoid settling for someone who seems like the right guy because they are the only person you’re talking too.

But, there is always that stereotype that if you date more than one guy, you’re all kinds of names from the heaux book even if you’re not sleeping with any of them but just out living life and having fun.  However, a man will be praised by everyone for being the biggest player in the world for having so many girls after him.

At the end of the day, if you want to talk to more than one guy, do you boo boo.  You’re very much single and free to do so.  It’s also a good thing because you will find out what you truly want in a partner.

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