What’s in My Bag?

A woman’s purse is pretty much her sanctuary.  It’s where she stashed a lot of receipts that she’ll never look at again, she’ll have the entire bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom in her purse if it’s big enough.  Today, I was actually carrying a smaller purse so I do not have my entire house in my bag, lol.  Check out what’s in my bag below:


Of course the essentials, my debit card, driver license, my WKU ID Card (you know in case some store offers student discount although I’m no longer in school), my business card (because Lord knows I hate my job and if I can whip this bad boy out to get a new job), Ulta and Sephora Rewards card (by the way, the way to my heart is to get me a gift card to either store), and a very very very old H&M merchandise credit that probably has less than a $1 on it but I can’t seem to throw it away.


Name tag for my job that I should probably be wearing, but whatever.


If there is ever a day that I don’t have on a lippie, ask me if I’m okay because I may just be sick, lol.  NYX is also my favorite brand for lippies (hint, hint)


Because what AKA you know doesn’t have a mirror in her purse to do an occasional pretty girl check?


Whenever I’m wearing my natural hair, this thing is legitimately my bestfriend.


I have so many pens and markers in my purse it’s unreal.  I guess I keep so many just in case you know I lose one or something.


My spare keys just in case I somehow lock myself out of my car.


Some matte finger nail polish, you know just in case I feel like randomly painting my nails one day.


Now anybody who knows me, knows that I have over 20 notebooks laying around because I love to write.  I was a Five Below a week ago and I found this gem and I absolutely love it.  Why do I have this big ass book inside of my small ass purse, I can’t tell you, lol.

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