I Hate My Job, But I Can’t Afford to Quit


We have all been in this situation before, whether it was a job you had while in high school, after high school, during college, or after college.  You hate it because of your co-workers who you just can’t seem to get along with, your boss who seems to always pick on you, or you just plain hate your job.

If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you that I am the Queen of getting jobs and quitting them, but that was all throughout college and at the time, I could afford to quit the job if I didn’t like it.  Right now, I work in a cubicle job, making at minimum 50 outbound calls daily trying to sell an education to prospective students.  Most times it is frustrating because about 40/50 do not answer their phone, 5 will hang up on you, 3 will answer the phone, schedule an appointment with you, and then not show up, and 2 might just actually show up and enroll in the school.  My personality is a little too much for this job.  I like to be active, moving around, and constantly talking to people.  I cannot really do that here at my current job.

However, I have plans and goals that are preventing me from just up and quitting my job.  I’m trying to save up money so that I can move out of my parents home, I have a bit of a shopping addiction, and not to mention a car note that I have to pay every month and let’s be honest, I’ve made the most money I’ve ever made at any other job with this one.  If I were to quit and go find another job that’s part-time and probably pays between minimum wage and $9.00, that would probably cut my check last than half and I just can’t and won’t do that, lol.

The reality of it is, I hate my job, but I can’t afford to quit.  A lot of my peers have been telling me to take it as a stepping stone to get to my next level in where I want to be.  My goals are to go into Higher Education.  I’ve been accepted into FIU Higher Education program and although this isn’t the field of Higher Education I want to be in, it looks good on my resume and it is giving me a bit of experience in Admissions.

A few tips to get you going if you hate your job:

  1.  Do a negative detox.  Think about the couple of positives that your job may have.  Think about those PTO days you can take or how lax your boss may be when it comes to certain things.
  2. Think of your job as a testing ground.  Most times, when people get their first “real” job, they will only be there for about 6 months-a year to get that experience and build up their resume.Remember this is only a temporary situation for a major opportunity.
  3. Add something fun to the mixture at work.  Watch Netflix during down time, listen to music,  or walk around and talk to co-workers (or clients if you don’t like your co-workers)

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