How to Handle Not Getting that Job You Wanted

Unless you’ve had extremely good luck, you’re just that good at interviews, or you’ve never had a job before than we’ve all been there before.  Thought you killed that interview and know you had the job, but before you even got home you already had an email waiting for you that said, “Thank you for your interest in the position of *insert position* with *insert company*.  We have carefully reviewed your skills and qualifications.  Unfortunately, we can’t hire you.” Or maybe you just don’t ever hear back from the company after your interview.

Once you got this e-mail or realized you didn’t get the job, you typically get mad at the company for not realizing how great you are and then you begin to beat yourself up because you think you and a big failure.  But before you do all of that, take a look at the few hints below to deal with not getting that job you wanted.

  1.  Don’t let a job rejection destroy your confidence.
  2. Don’t give up (on yourself or the company, especially if it’s a company you really want to work for).  Just because you didn’t get that job doesn’t mean you won’t get another job.
  3. Embrace the Process.  Take it as a learning lesson work on the things you might have done wrong in the interview and fix them for the future.
  4. Ask the company for feedback.  After you get the rejection e-mail or you call to see what is going on with the job and they tell you that they have hired someone for the position, you can always ask the employer for constructive feedback (although most employers may refrain in doing so).
  5. Although you may be thinking of all the things you did wrong in the interview, think about your strengths as well.


Jas ❤

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