When Is It Time to Let Go?

We’ve all been in a relationship before that was toxic but for some reason we didn’t know how to let go of that person.  Maybe that person consistently cheated on you or physically and mentally abused you.  Whatever the reason may be, there is always some reason holding you back in the relationship.  Maybe it’s the sex or you feel like you have on one else in your life but them.

Below are 5 reasons when it’s time to let the relationship go?


1.  You can’t resolve the problem.  No matter how hard you guys try, it’s the SAME problem over and over again.

giphy (1)

2.  Communication is the key to all successful relationships whether its with your parents, friends, co-workers, or significant other.  If you and your partner communication is suffering it’s probably time to call it quits.


3.  Let’s be honest, a lot of us have trust issues due to some things that has happened in the past, but within due time, we tend to let our guard down and trust our partners, BUT if after a while you start to doubt your partner again, trouble with probably arise.


4.  You have thoughts of being with some else.  A lot of us know when we see someone that’s attractive and it’s natural to admire their attraction, but when it comes to the point where you’re actually thinking about stepping out on your partner, it’s time to get out the relationship.


5.  You just know in your heart it’s not right anymore.

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