Bucket List

We all have things that we want to do before we die.  See the world or maybe meeting someone famous.  Regardless of what it is that you have on your bucket list, you should always see it through that you complete it.  And if you don’t have a bucket list, I suggest that you make one.

Sport is in sky

Sportsmen-parashutist soaring in sky

1.  Sky-Diving.  I am extremely afraid of heights, but going sky-diving is something that has always been on my bucket list.  I may have to be that person that has someone on their back doing it with them though, because I may just have a heart attack as I am coming down, or I may release the parachute too early or too late.  Maybe I should stick with going to those places with the sky-diving on the inside and you’re in a tank with the air blowing you  up in the air for now, lol.


2.  See Beyonce in Concert. Because if y’all didn’t know, Beyonce is actually my auntie and Blue Ivy is my little cousin.  Based on her live concert DVDs, Beyonce is an artist that actually puts on a SHOW and it probably worth paying a couple of hundreds for.  Her next album that she puts out, I have to definitely go to her show for sure.

large (2)

3.  Live/Rent a Beach House. Because who doesn’t want to be able to wake up in the morning to the beach every day or at least for a week while being on vacation? West Palm Beach or Pompano Beach would be my two ideal places to have a beach house on.

large (3)

4.  Visit London. To hear the London accents, visit the beautiful scenery, and to eat the tasty food that London has to offer.  Visiting London has always been a dream of mine, I even have wondered about going to graduate school there (which is still an option).

large (4)

5.  Learn another language. If you are anything like me, you have taken Spanish for as long as you can remember.  I think the first I took Spanish or had some type of Spanish taught to me was in 3rd grade.  I took Spanish I in 9th grade and then Spanish II in 10th grade.  Once I got to college, I had an option of choosing to take Spanish and only having to take one Spanish course or choosing a different language and having to take the language I and the language II.  I opted to go ahead and take Spanish especially since it was a hard class to get into and I managed to get in it my first semester of college.  I also, by the grace of God, passed the class with a B.  I can barely speak a lick of Spanish.  I know some stuff, but not a lot. LOL, anyway learn French is now something that is on my bucket list.

large (5)

6.  Meet Rihanna. She’s so fine, she’s so fine, she’s so fine. IDC. IDC. IDC.  Lol! Like I really want to be Rihanna’s personal assistant and/or stylist.  If I can’t be either or for her, I would really love to smoke a doobie with Rihanna. (Although I don’t smoke, I surely would for baby girl)


7.  Live in Los Angeles. I really do have aspirations of moving to Los Angeles and being successful in the fashion industry, being a socialite, having Quincy Brown (fine ahh) as my boyfriend, and being able to run on Runyon Canyon everyday.


8.  Go to my first NFL game. I actually don’t care who I see, although a Pittsburg Steelers game would be ideal, I just want to go to a NFL game.  I think it would be lit.

large (6)

9.  Go camping.  So the camping site in this picture may be a little more extravagant then what my camping trip would look like, but y’all catch my drift, lol.

large (7)

10.  Run a Marathon. My 10 (Line Sister), asked me to run a marathon with her in Nashville in April.  I said I would, but it’s looking more like a no.  But I eventually want to do one some day.

large (8)

11.  Learn how to swim. Yes, I am like every stereotypical black person and cannot swim, however I would REALLY like to learn.

large (9)

12.  Open Up a Local Fashion Boutique. This has been a life long goal of mine.  Every since I was in 7th grade.  I remember my best friend at the time and I wanted to open a boutique together.  She was going to design all the clothes and I was going to handle the business aspect of everything.  We were going to call the store Enimsaj (my name spelled backwards).  Actually opening up a boutique is still on my bucket list.  I just know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.


13.  Go on a mission trip. Africa would be my ideal location for a mission trip.

large (10)

14.  Pay it forward. I have never done this before, but I can already tell that paying it forward would be a fun and rewarding experience.  Making someone else’s day and hopefully that they would do the same for someone else.

large (11)

15.  Sleep on the beach. This is a bit dramatized, but however sleeping on a beach seems like fun!

large (12)

16.  Publish a Book. I have actually started a book a couple of different times, but I have never finished them.  One day, I am going to start a book from start to finish.

large (13)

17.  Public Speaking.  So I actually suck at public speaking and talking in front of a large crowd, but however I want to be able to comfortably speak in front of a large group of people someday.

large (14)

18.  Learn how to Salsa.

large (15)

19.  Go on a Week Long Road Trip.  Visiting and exploring a new city everyday sounds like a blast.

large (16)

20.  Learn Sign Language.

large (17)

21.  Go to a shooting range. Because I have been wanting to do this for THE longest.



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