Come Here Rude Boy, Boy … Can you get it up?

On Friday, for my 23rd birthday, I was able to see the beautiful Rihanna in concert in Nashville and it was nothing short of amazing.  Although, I was a little bit nervous to hear her sing live after watching the video of her and Drake at the Brit Awards where they sounded terrible, but nonetheless she sounds good live.

Rihanna also can’t dance for shit, but boy was hit them folks and the dab her favorite dances.  She seemed to also be extremely high at the concert.  It seemed as if everytime she went backstage, she took a hit of the blunt, lol.  She also mentioned how she wasn’t expecting “this much ratchetry from Nashville.” Baby girl must not have known were she was at because Nashville is up there on the list of “The Most Ratchet Cities in the U.S.”

When she performed Work and Take Care, I was really waiting for Drake to come out on stage, but he never did. (It’s okay, I can forgive her for not having him come to Nashville).  After this concert, Rihanna and I are officially besties and I wish anybody would try to tell me otherwise, because you can surely get these hands.


Jas ❤

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