Tell Me About Yourself?

“So, tell me about yourself?” What seems like an easy and simple question could possibly be the hardest question, especially in an interview.  What do I say? Do I literally tell them about myself? I mean surely they want to know what kind of car I drive and that I’ve been natural for 4 years now, right?

I read an article on The Muse and I really liked the formula that they used when answering that question.  “Present-Past-Future formula.” Basically, you start off with where you are now, where you once were, and were you eventually want to be.  Let’s say I was interviewing for a position as an Assistant Buyer:

“Well, I’m currently an Admissions Representative at Hockaday School, where I basically recruit and enroll students to come to our school.  Before that I pretty much worked in retail and that’s the path I’m trying to get back on considering I got my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising, however I’m looking for something higher up than just a sales associate using my basic math fundamental and merchandising skills.”

Basically, in my answer, I told them what I am currently doing, what I previously did that’s related to the job industry I’m interviewing for, I threw in my degree that’s also related, and a couple of skills that I possess that’ll help me in this job.

When answering this question, it’s basically a selling opportunity.  You’re trying to sell yourself to the interviewer and why they should hire you.  Thinking back to when I used to go on interviews, I used to answer the question like so:

“Well, obviously my name is Jasmine, I’m from Memphis, TN, I go to school for fashion merchandising, and yeah that’s about it.”

Although saying that has got me quite a bit of jobs, I wasn’t really “selling” myself to the interviewer.  I was literally giving them an about me that was in my twitter bio.


-Jas ❤

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