Witty Thursday

Have you ever been scrolling through Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or Instagram and saw an extremely funny post and screenshotted it and saved it in your phone? I have done that PLENTY of times, actually, I’ve done it so much that I had to clear out my phone I was running out of space.

But, nonetheless, it’s Thursday, almost Friday and I wanted to share some of the funnies with y’all.

I legitimately laughed at this harder than what I should have.
Damnnnn Daniel.
Because WE all have that one friend who’s log-ins we have to look at a certain someones  page.
If I had a perfect picture to describe me, this is it bro.
If there was another picture to describe me, this is it as well.  I’m 5’9, I need someone to compliment my height.
Lol, I’ve had this happen before.
But I was that smart kid.  Like bruh, if I can do my own homework so can your ugly ass.
YES, YES, YES.  I have it really bad when it comes to mosquitoes.  They tear my ass up and don’t let me go to my hometown, Clarksdale, MS.  They really be tagging my ass.
I never had this problem because I always had someone in the house with me to help out, but this is SO funny.
“Toodles” lol
lol, if this ain’t the truth.  I had to teach my nephew this because his ass surely was about to run to the door when they rang that doorbell.
If this ain’t the truth.  I was walking downtown one day and of course, I had my natural hair out.  Dude was trying to holler and I said no, and his reply was, “That’s why you a nappy headed ass bitch anyway.”
Bout one of the realest post I’ve ever seen.
Because this gas has to last until pay day on Friday.
This is so funny to me. haha
Be pulling all types of answers out your ass.
lol, I am crineeeee.
Why would she play like this y’all?
I swear, honey.  I don’t give a damn.
Don’t flex. We’ve all had a moment like this.  I probably had two or three moments like this past weekend.

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